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**Open Source CoMaIn **

CoMaIn is Open Source project and this is Based on Storing Info on different Organisations like School ,Collage,and Individual Community and different Organisations where they can Save there data in to web applications and this project contain lot of upcoming Features like cloud based and apps .
Next Releases will be on last week of this month up to responsive web app feature and next month Cloud app.
now data base is added download it and keep tracking
Upcoming Version CoMaIn1.0.4 it will be customized CMS where based on user the columns will be selected Example:if user don't want address should be appear on Register form than he can disable in Setting page That's Sounds different right keep tracking ..

- Adding the Data
- Upload Photos and Gallery View
- e-mailing System
- Responsive Web App for Smart Phones
-and Up coming Cloud Apps ...

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